eBay & Paypal Suspension Guide! Check Out The Latest Video!

eBay & Paypal Incognito! Suspension & Limitation Guide from Joshua Turner on Vimeo.

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Avoiding A Paypal Limitation

If you have had an account limited from PayPal, it’s usually for the following

Image representing PayPal as depicted in Crunc...

1. (Withdrawal) Too Much Money, Too Soon
2. Being linked to a previously Suspended / Limited Account.
3. Sudden change in activity
4. Withdrawing too much money over a longer period of time
without supplying your SS number.
5. Violating PayPal’s TOS in regards to acceptable websites, and
transaction types.
6. Scamming people because you’re a piece of $h!t.
In most cases, it’s either 1 – 4

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